What Is Digiverstas?

Digiverstas provides students with a work-based learning environment, through projects and events with the opportunity to, work on work-based projects, and have fun while learning new things.

Digiverstas website project

During their internship in Finland, the team was responsible for designing and creating a digital showroom for the various projects created by students at XAMK university in Kotka.


The Matikkapako math game is developed for high school students. With the help of a computer game, the students are supposedto solve various calculations and progress in the game.

brewery game

In their digital workshop, the team is developing a resource management game for the local brewery. The objective of the game is to build your own small brewery by brewing beer and developing your own company.

Lippumaailma App

From the Maretarium App, we are developing an application for the Flag World of Hamina, where you can explore the Flag World and play mini-games and trivia related to attractions.

Karhula city builder

A game where young people from Kotka and Karhula can design and build their own downtown in Karhula.

Maretarium App

The virtual tour of the Maretarium Aquarium is powered by a mobile application that lets players explore Finnish waters through quizzes and mini-games.

Price calculator for construction elements

Digital software was built for a local company to speed up and streamline the sales process and to facilitate service design for customer needs.


The project team coded an optimization tool for container loading and ordering with the help of Kotkamills.


An app for viewers of sporting events.

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